GS4 - Deployed at 04.11.2016 16:00

Pretty much complete refactoring.
Probably will take some time to get near-ideal and stable.

At the moment known issues:
1) AI Decisions often bug in regards to pushing into enemy base.
2) Too much randomness which can often cause unexpected results.
3) Skill doesn't have enough influence compared to strategy.
4) Vision and utility at the moment do not seem impactful enough.
yeah espescially the first issue is anyoing, being up 30k gold, but because your strat has go baron / dragon in it the enemy just pushes the lane for a free inhib. Also going for baron when minions are ending the game is quite anoying :P
Blue vs Purple advantage should be fair now.
Players basically come to lane, kill each other and either both die or one survives and gets a massive lead in gold that snowballs.
Another hotfix:
Teams should not go to baron when near enemy base anymore.

Let me know if this will keep happening still.

So in this game, I get first blood in mid lane and then at 3:40 the enemy bot lane kills my bot lane and gets 4 bonus assists. They use this extra to continue holding my bot lane down the entire game, ending up with triple the CS. It was a very close game so imagine if they didn't have 1-2 kills worth of extra gold!

And then once baron comes up, my team just gets stuck in top trying to go to their tower and does it again when baron comes back up. The dragon fights are pretty weird two, both resulting in double aces.

This was a key league match that will likely determine who gets first and who gets second in this league and I feel cheated by these things.
Too many assists bug should be fixed now.
Hey, just a few issues I found I've been having with the game.

-I've found that my team waits for all 5 people to do the dragon, when it really only needs 2-3, this then causes me to lose dragon whilst 4 members are just tickling the dragons balls whilst waiting for the 5th member.

-I don't think lane skill has as much of an impact as it should, my 17mid still often feeds against my friends 10mid.

-Invade jungle still seems to do nothing, and putting jungler on heavy ganking, doesn't seem to change much either.

-There seems to be no splitpush mechanic, even though champions have a splitpush stat, and open inhibitors are often ignored.

-When laner is set to kill or harass, they seem to completely ignore farm, even in an empty open lane, and vice versa with being set to Farm, the player seems to completely ignore the enemy, and just gets bullied out of lane with zero retaliation.

-ADCs and Supports occasionally 1v2 in lane, for no apparent reason, essentially suiciding.

-On rare occasions I'll get the odd laner go balls deep into a tower, again committing suicide.

-And lastly, the jungler will often sit at the back of the jungle, when there's nothing to farm, just twidling his thumbs, instead of ganking or buying items.
It was this game: games/replay/5705343

Instead of fighting or hitting towers, my team runs into the fountain and tanks opponent until dead.

And then it just ends when they run to baron.

minions pushing into base from min 47 to 53 and team doesn´t care at all....this bug is wlel known for more than a month, why is there still no fix??
I am not even sure if any dev is reading this thread, doesn´t seem like it...
This has happened a few times to me too. been up 20 k gold and 20 kills and they ignore the base and lose.
Hi Henri,
Found what I think may be a visual bug. Although possibly something related to leveling up while recalling / on the fountain that prevented being fully healed?

During the replay, starting from 12:30 the following fight ends up with my support (Leysari) surviving on 1 HP.
"00:13:15Owl Stul (adc) is hitting enemy sup for 628PD and 22 MD, enemy has 1 hp left"
The support then recalls, however seems to hit level 4 after recalling and heads back to lane on 54% HP.

After returning to lane, both my adc and support encounter the blue side adc and support individually, killing them before they cycle any attacks. Purple side bot lane then recall to prep for the 15min baron attempt seemingly without taking any damage since the initial broken recall at 12:30.

Have you seen this before?

My team was winning the entire game and very late decided to do baron. Usually a good idea, but the enemy team pushed mid inhib and won the game while my team was still attacking baron.
I have to admit I chuckled over the 'stalemate' where both teams simultanously uses the same strategy and for almost 1½ hour teleport-run-to-lane-teleport-run-to-lane and repeats without being able to engage or catch each other

I'm new to the game and i'm not sure if this is reported and if this is (still) the place to report sandbox games.

Did a sandbox game and my top laner destroyed the enemies top inhibitor while they still had all top turrets.

Around minute 52: https://www.mobamanager.gg/games/show/8891667

Hugs and kisses
I concur, it happened to 4 of my last matches, this appeared in the last 1-2 hours from the time I'm posting this message.
Should be fixed now. Server was getting out of hand.
Working as intended now. Thank you! ;)
just posting to see pink name on forums PogChamp
https://www.mobamanager.gg/games/replay/8934046 - So as I always do when I lose a match I watch the replays to track stats, positioning, etc so I can make adjustments. As i was watching this replay I noticed that until 40 min into the game the other team never groups(the absolute latest it lets you start grouping), which would be fine except that if you watch the replay my team starts grouping at 15 minutes, catches one or two of the opposing teams people without their full team(obviously) and then proceeds to wait for the opposing team to fully recall and group up before engaging in a fight. This has happened before on random instances throughout matches but I have never seen anyone set their team preferences up to completely utilize that factor for tipping the game balance.

Edited to add this link: https://www.mobamanager.gg/games/show/8969273
The only thing that changed was having my team not group.
I read, that grouping at 40 minutes is quite the commen strategy now. Because of this your players can farm longer and have an advantage over 15 min group teams. If your enemy groups at 15 minutes, your players just defend the tower and than proceed to farm, whereas the enemy just runs it down mit again. I set it to 40 minutes and won like 20 games straight.
I do not have an issue with the not grouping til 40 minutes. if you watch the replay you will see that my team as a full team encounters 1-2 of the opposing teams players at a time, then instead of outright killing them(as we all know would happen in a real game) they wait for the other team to be fully grouped to engage them at all. I fully understand getting more farm in to have your champ/player be at more of their full potential to get the best returns from when you do team fight, but when a full team of 5 sit there staring at 1-2 people doing nothing until they have a full team to go against doesn't seem very proper to me. every game I have ever played whether it is a moba, fps, survival, etc. if I run into a situation where odds are stacked in or against my favor due to numbers the side with numbers generally takes advantage of the situation to improve their odds in the long run.

Unsure if known bug or not, but the game just ended at 14 minutes(ish) with a loss, despite no towers even being taken.

Did my team surrender? They were getting a bit stomped, if there's a surrender mechanic I'd understand.
Why does every one of my games end like 55-1, but the team with 1 kill wins every single time, no mater the massive gold difference and kill difference,

Team was fighting in enemy base and suddenly they all have to teleport home to deal with the double stacked wave of minions that pushed all 3 lanes destroying all 11 turrets 3 inhibs and the nexus... in the space of 4 minutes. I think it may be something to do with tower health vs minion health/damage but im unsure. Not to mention my minions just got insta 1 shot when trying to counter push the lanes.

Different game same issue.