Getting started

For all new players we recommend joining Discord channel that is managed by our fans. Look for mentors in the channel for help:

Welcome to mobamanager! We know that a game with this many ways to micromanage can be daunting at first, so we’ve written a quick guide to everything you need to build a team and compete with other managers around the world!

1. Where to begin

The hardest part of setting up your team is knowing where to begin. If you follow this step-by-step guide, you’ll have done the minimum needed for your team to function; from there, feel free to explore the many features mobamanager offers to optimise and customise your esports organisation.

1 - Organise your strategy

The most fundamental part of having your team function is for them to be able to play games according to our strategy. Firstly, you will need to reassign your players to the roles they are best at - check their stats on the ‘players’ page to determine who should be playing which role. From there, you can tweak their pick/ban priority, build paths and playstyles to suit the strategy you want to play.

2 - Test in the sandbox

So you’ve got a strategy laid out, but you need to know if it’s actually going to work. Luckily for you, we’ve got a sandbox mode set out just for that! Each day you can play 25 test games against randomly drawn teams that won’t affect your team’s ELO or reputation, allowing you to tweak your strategy and find the perfect combination before your real games begin.

3 - Acquire funding

In order to pay your players their salaries and acquire staff to strengthen your brand (as well as many other features), you will need a source of income. In lolamanger, you earn money through sponsors - the better your team’s ELO and reputation, the more wealthy the sponsors you can sign with. Go to the ‘sponsors’ tab and choose one or two companies to fund your esports dreams.

4 - Find a coach

If you want your players to keep improving and compete with the other teams in mobamanager, you’ll need a coach for them to train with. Head to the ‘staff’ tab and search for a coach who can help boost your players’ stats to star level. We recommend finding a coach who specialises in your weakest roles, to shore up the weaknesses of your team. Remember the money you bid on a coach now is the salary you will be paying them daily - don’t go overboard with spending just yet.

5 - Set up a training schedule

Players have energy. All games, streaming and training deplete the energy. Energy calculations are done during the daily update. To gain more energy check out the facilities tab and which facilities improve energy restoration. Tweak amount of team ranked games, solo games, tranining and streaming accordingly to set up an optimal training regime for each of your players.

6 - Explore the forums

Under the ‘community’ tab you will find mobamanager’s community forums, where every user can post and comment on threads about the game. If you have any questions, bug reports, or just want to chat with you fellow mobamanager users, this is the place to do so. Familiarise yourself with these forums, as they will be your primary resource on updates and strategy for mobamanager.

2. Team Management

Although the above step-by-step guide will walk you through the bare minimum needed to have your team function, there are many systems and features that you as the team manager can work with to further optimise and customise your team.


Your team needs money to run, and to get that money you will need to sign with sponsors. At the beginning of your team’s management you will have access to two sponsor slots, and you can buy more for a price - a very steep price. Sponsors will judge your team based on its group ELO and reputation, as well as the ELO of your highest rated player - as such, you will need a team that performs well in order to maintain the best sponsors around. The money your team receives from each consecutive sponsorship deal decreases, so winning games is necessary to unlock better paying deals.


To win games, you need talent. Each player your team employs has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you should build your starting roster and strategy to make the most of this. The stats each player has listed on their page determine what they are and are not good at - there are the role stats that will determine what position on your roster they fill, and the other stats such as technical ability (last-hitting and outplaying) and leadership (shotcalling and strategy effectiveness). Build your roster around these stats - the better your numbers are used, the easier it is to win games Players train each day based on how you assign their training units - solo queue games affect their individual rating, team ranked changes the team rating and coaching sessions boost their stats. Find a balance of each player’s available time to make the most of each day. Every player on your roster has a salary, an amount of money you will need to pay them each day until their contract ends. In order to extend their contract (preventing your good players from leaving for better paying teams), you will need to increase the player’s daily salary. If you can’t afford to keep your better players, you may need to sell them in order to hire weaker but cheaper talent.


Mobamanager teams have two types of staff members available to them: player coaches and reputation managers. To pick up new staff, you participate in a daily auction against other managers - if you place the highest bid on a particular staff member, you will hire them, with the bid becoming their daily salary. Player coaches are experts on the game who can train with your players to boost their stats - shoring up weaknesses or amplifying strengths. Each coach specialises in certain stats and has 10 daily units to spend with players, meaning you will likely need several coaching staff in order to fully train your team. Reputation managers maintain your team’s image, boosting your reputation gain from wins and stifling the repercussions of losses. Hiring a good reputation manager is essential to keeping your team well-liked in the community and picking up better paying sponsorships.


Every facet of your team’s in-game strategy is available to you as a manager to tweak until your team performs the way you want them to. From pick-bans to build paths, your players will follow your strategy to the letter. Pick/bans in mobamanager work by a priority system, where after bans are locked in teams will cycle through their priority lists, picking up the next available champion. Place priority on any champ you want: perhaps you want your star player to first-pick their best champion every game, or you have a particular strategy the revolves certain picks being taken from your opponents - it’s all up to you. Each player’s playstyle can also be tweaked, with the emphasis of their build paths and their play patterns in both lane phase and teamfights available for you to change. Set up your players to coordinate with each other as best you can to better secure your chances of victory.

Youth Academy

The youth academy system allows you to nurture new talent ready to replace your current roster when they exhaust their careers (or their contracts get too expensive to extend). Scout for new talent among the players not yet old enough to compete, then spend money on training them to be the next superstars for your team. The more you invest in the academy the younger the players you get are and the faster they train.

Player Market

When you’re looking for new talent or need to offload a player to make a little extra money, the player market is the place to visit. Auction off your talent or bid on the many free agents in order to keep your team’s esports dreams alive.


Should you be unfortunate enough to find your team losing more than they win, to the point where no sponsors are willing to sign with your for the money needed to keep your team running, there are many options available to you. Firstly, you can use the player market to sell off your expensive long-time players for weaker but far cheaper talent. You can also lay off staff, halting your team’s improvement but allowing for some time for your wallet to recover. Finally, as a last resort you can reset your team completely (found under the ‘setting’ tab), restoring your mobamanager status to the ‘factory settings’. Be aware that although this will dig you out of any financial issues, it will also replace your roster with fresh, basic-;evel talent and remove all staff, requiring to start right from square one with nothing but your previous mistakes to learn from.

Daily Updates

Team finances, standings and player growth will all be updated daily by the mobamanager servers. If you’re not sure why some of your changes haven’t gone through it may be that the system is waiting for the next daily update to process them. Be aware that because updating every game across the globe puts huge stress on the game servers, so mobamanager will be unavailable for a few minutes while the daily update is happening,

3. Games

There are many different game types in mobamanager, giving your players the opportunity to improve and compete on multiple levels. From solo queue to global leagues, the games in mobamanager are the focus of your team - manage your team well and they will win more.

Game Simulator

Every game your team competes in is simulated by the server, allowing you to observe the details of your team’s performance. Read information on the game’s stats such as pick/ban phase and player KDA, or watch a minimap replay with live gamelog and stats to fully grasp what you need to do to turn your team into winners.

Solo Queue

Players can be directed to play solo queue games, playing in a more casual environment against other random players from around the world. Their performance here is perhaps the least important to you, mostly affecting only their own individual ELO. However, keep an eye on each player’s solo queue results, as it can give you information on their current performance, both in general and on certain champions. Solo queue can be helpful in training a specific champion for this player.


Players can not just be directed to play solo queue games, but also to stream for their fans. Streaming generates income for your team influenced by different things in two categories. One part is the player himself. His personality, energy and reputation influence the outcome for your team. The other part is the players enviroment that you can influence through certain facilities as the Gaming Gear for example.

Team Ranked

You can assign up to 10 units per day for your team to spend playing ranked games as a 5-man group. These games do not affect your league rankings, but they will change your team ELO rating and reputation, so ensuring your team performs here is necessary to keep them funded and therefore compete on an official level.

League Games

The pinnacle of your team’s competitive gaming, leagues are double round-robin torunaments where your team competes with 9 others from around the globe to determine their standing among every team currently competing in mobamanager. Leagues are divided into divisions, with each division containing 4 times as many leagues as the last - division one houses one league, while division two has 4, division three has 16, and so on. In order to advance to the next division up, your team must finish the season in first place in their league - no easy feat in higher leagues. Otherwise you will fighting for 2nd through 6th place in order to stay in the same league - a bottom 4 finish will find your team demoted to the division below.
Click here to view end of season bonuses based on league position.


There are 4 official real-world prize tournaments per year. The prizepools so far have been around $300. This will change if the game gets more popular. Otherwise there are 3 weekly tournaments for pro teams, amateur teams and rookie teams. These have in-game monetary prizes. Prizes for those teams are following.


There are 4 types of facilities you can build with different benefits and costs. Facilities are a good investment and it's up to you to decide which level of facility would be cost effective for you to build. You can check the benefits different facilities give under the facilities tab.


If you want to test a new strategy but don’t want to risk your team’s ratings, or just can’t bothered waiting for your next team ranked session, then go to the ‘sandbox’ tab on your navigation menu. Here you can pit your team in a non-rated game against another team of your choosing, and view the outcome as if it were a fully official match. Use the sandbox mode to find the optimal strategy to lead your players to victory, but be aware that every manager only has a limited number of sandbox games before you will have to rely on team ranked to view your performance.

4. Getting Help

Mobamanager is a complex game, so it’s understandable if at times you feel lost. Always consult this guide as your first port of call, but if your questions relate to something not covered here there is a questions & answers board on the community forums where mobamanager staff and your fellow users would be happy to help you out. If you experience anything you believe could be unintentional, report the bug (preferably with as much detail as you can give and/or screenshots) to the board on the community forums, or contact the developers directly at