Now the staff and player hiring is based on system who bids most at the end of the day. It's kind of bad since it favors people who are living in the right time zones. There should be set deadline for each staff member/player, for an example "Bid closes in 2 hours" or something like that. Staying up to 5am just to make sure your bid goes through is not very healthy.
@Aakke Welcome to MobaManager!

I agree with you and this is already something in our pipeline.
But i dont rlly get it?!
Coaches are bid hidden, so you can enter your highest bid immediately, no reason to stay till 5am??
Also there are so many good coaches you can get for only 1000$ or below with noone else bidding on...
Also deadline for players is set to 24h after the owner put him there, so whatever you do or want,
if hes not in your timezone, you always gonna end up to stay awake.
This feature is honestly really irritating. I've tried bidding on over 10 coaches the past 3-4 days, and I haven't gotten a single coach since they get snatched up right before the bid time. All my players skills are decaying cause I haven't been able to train them...
There are plans to refactor the way staff bidding works, but still have it competitive and dynamic (free market rules).
Little advice, try not to bid on the coaches on the first couple pages...
If youre looking for a Mid Coach, order them after mid skills, go to page 4+, bid on a coach with decent stats, low wage and the status "no bids yet"
In addition to what sgoil has said, overbid on their wage if you want to definitely secure them. The wage displayed should be treated as their 'minimum wage' and does not reflect the current highest bid. Paying a coach 1-2k per day wage instead of 100 won't break your bank.