"Tournament - Pro Week #51 - 2016 - Detailed info" CORRECTION

See by yourself :
When it must be from division 3 to 1, change the numbers and there is more coherence.
See you later alligator !
it's fine, read again
Ok, supposing greater than division 1 is division 2 because 2 is greater than 1, then there is no mistake. Didn't think this way, but the opposite.
I have had several times an issue with this higher and lower concept with the divisions. I want to say that you get to a higher division when you get promoted, but the number is actually lower. It's a bit hard to word this without causing confusion. Maybe if someone can come up with a good wording on how to explain the promotion and demotion then it would save me a whole lot of issues in the future.

But there is one mistake there though. It should say 'greater than or equal to' instead of 'greater or equal than'.
For tournament eligibility you could potentially scrap that concept for something like "to join, team must currently be competing in divisions 1 to 3".

I think, personally at least, that using a higher/lower system (div 1 being "higher" than div 2 for example) would be far more understandable than a greater/less than system.
Ye i guess "to join, team must currently be competing in divisions 1 to 3" would make sense