"Overalls" would be cool.

I think the statistics for each player would benefit a lot from a few summary statistics, which could be accessed at a glance in the Player menu.

For example, "Most Suitable Role," "Role Overall," and "Personal Average." MSR would be their preferred role based on their role stats, RO would be their average scores for positions, and PA would be their average scores for non-positional stats.

The main benefit I see to this is that it would allow managers to measure players at a glance, as well as determine the success of their scouting and academy more easily. Additionally, it'd help to show how much impact coaches are having on players.

That said, I suppose that overalls could be problematic or misleading in some circumstances. What do you guys think?
Agree. That would be very interesting to have. But I think it's okay if overalls are a bit misleading as this can give users opportunities to play with their own ideas of overalls that would be more accurate in general and more accurate for their own team as this can give competitive advantage to users willing to analyze their team more.
That's very true!

Thanks for the reply, Henri!

I think that player stats, otherwise, are fairly solid. I've been pretty pleased by the comprehensiveness of them, myself.