Display the Champion Mastery and bonus

Hello everybody , I've been thinking /searching for info regarding the champion mastery lately and I sadly didnt find anything official.
So everybody knows that Champion Mastery is a progression system which tracks a player's aptitude and experience with each champion.
SO my suggestion is : Would be great if developers could add a feature where players can track their progress with each champion and the five champions with the highest Mastery are displayed.

Unplayed champions are considered level 0. After playing a single game, players immediately enter level 1 and start their progress towards level 2 and so on.

Level 1 requires 1 match - Bonus 3% in game performance
level 2 requires 5 matches - Bonus 3,5% in game performance
level 3 requires 15 matches - Bonus 3,9% in game performance
level 4 requires 25 matches - Bonus 4,2% in game performance
level 5 requires 35 matches - Bonus 4,5% in game performance

This way players would be rewarded when they pick their best champions and a whole new horizon in terms of strategy would open in MobaManager ( I know that there is a champion Mastery system in this game already , but my suggestion is to show how much the right champion can benefit your team because at this point its really hard to know what kind of benefit the current champion mastery give , for example I got a Support that played 458 games using The Bull and I have no idea if he has or not an advantage while using his mastered champion , so if we can expose the system and let everybody know how it works exactly would benefit not only veterans but also new players.)
Sounds good. I mean it would make strategy completely different as weaker picks could become the center of a new strategy but which would only work for that specific team and players. Also it would allow older players to still compete with younger ones because of their mastery of champions. :)
I feel some feedback to let players know about the champion mastery or not is key. I feel we have a fixed understanding right now and that doesn't seem to change, it simply punishes those who do not already know about champion mastery. The actual system itself may not need to change, it could be adjusted to balance it's importance.

One key thing to remember is that the improvement of champion mastery should get exponentially smaller the more games played.
Mikk already started working on it last week. There will be a bar that shows each players champion mastery skill per champion.
Only problem Im finding with mastery is I would like to see an option where the player would lock a certain champion only if they get their role. For instance I'd like to improve my mastery of frost archer, but only if he plays adc. Otherwise it affects his soloq rank.
There is champion mastery right now with diminishing returns on the more games you've played with a champion, but yes so far it hasn't been clear enough. With the new view you will get exact reflection on how good your player is with a champion in a linear form.