Facility costs

Please remove the limitation that you need to have double the money that an upgrade costs in order to buy that upgrade.

That limit is just stupid.

I understand that you want to prevent players from going in debt but rather punish debts than completely prevent them...
It's there so you can afford the daily upkeep the same day you buy it as well as having money left and not sitting at $0, mainly for realism
so why take that calculation from the managers?
its their responsibility not to go in debts

its totally unrealistic like how it is now.
if i go to a shop and want to buy a bed they dont give a fuck if i have 1mil on the bank or if im -10000. They are happy as long as they get their money.

You need to intentionally test the limits of this game to get somehow into debt.
An essential part of a manager game is non-existent this way, which is the economy.

Guess ive made the same post like 3months ago and nobody cared either :(

even 4 months ago.

many parts of the 2.link are still actual...