Wage/Contract Improvement

Hello everyone,

first of all, I love the game so far.

However I feel there is quite some room for improvement regarding the wage/contracts of players.
At this point, it just feels like a generic number which will be slightly higher after I extend their contracts, thus encouraging players to wait until the very last day to extend their player's contracts to maximize the value of this action. On top of that, you can't change the duration of the new contract, it's just another 25 days, no matter what.

Since I am quite new to this game I don't know if the value of the wage goes up according to e.g. the teams reputation or elo. Regardless it would still leave the wage relatively unimportant.

I think if the players wage was at least correlated to their own performance (e.g. elo x reputation) it would add more depth and strategy. Additionally, this would open up opportinities for new mechanics like wage caps (which would require a strategic mix between veteran star players and new talents).

This is just some random brainstorming about this topic and I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same about it. If anyone's interested I'll post some further and in depth thoughts.

Thanks for reading
I haven't honestly paid too much attention to it, but I THINK the "Extend" wage is based off of the player's current stats.

I had a player that I extended for around $1500 per day. I stopped training him after dropping him from my main roster and his stats went down. I extended his contract again later on once his stats had fallen and it was only for around $900 per day.