Every club got club1, club2, club3, etc....
Why not make clubs with not members limit?
Then about the clube elo, just sum all elo from each member and divided it for the total of members in the club.

Make either able to have more than 1 club admin.
Great answers...
something is done with a simple remove limitations on database....

I piggyback your thread because I want to suggest some suggestions too

make it so that club founder and admins can invite people to the club.

pros: easier to invite new players than to try guide them to where they should apply

cons: people may spam invites to everyone and it could be annoying.

solutions to cons: make it so that you can only invite like 1-3 people per day max, and as soon as someone has declined an invite from a club, he cant receive another one, but have to apply himself if he would change his mind.

Keep yellow name for subs but make it so clubs can make custom badges for ingame chat for clubs with more than approx like 5 members(?):

pros: people will want to apply to clubs for cool badges, more clubs will be made because people want their own custom chat badge, and game will become much more social.

Cons: people will probably not use sub badge anymore(but still yellow name)

Solution to cons: its pretty much solving itself. more ad money because more people will be in game and see ads since the game is more social, a community is being built up more and more. add another cosmetic thing to subs instead.

I have more suggestions but gotta run away for a bit
I like these suggestions and if clubs could recruit up to 50 players it would be really interesting and those clubless folks wouldnt quit so fast.
I agree