Free Service - Team Logos


I am a Typography Artist and also a Graphic Designer; typography is my specialty.

As said in the title I will be doing free services of making team logos, for your team of course. That said, there is a possibility I may not finish your request; it's either I'm too lazy to do it or just busy. I will make no promises.

Reply below if interested.
*Details are important. Be sure to input the details because I will not be asking the details.*
Hi, I am looking for logo with name of my team (Gotartowice Esports). There must be a glider on the logo with "Gotartowice Esports" below. Dark background with white glider. Choose fitting colour for the text.

Thanks <3
I want dragons and explosions and Kim Jong Un riding a nuke and Trump holding the Earth in his hand while he cackles and I want a super mega death starwith an even more wimpy version of Darth Vader and and and lots and lots of lazers and stuff.
Hi, Can I request for a simple logo for my team? Anything possible really that's to do with the name, Red United. It doesn't really need to be complex just a simple one is fine for me :)