Staff recruitment

Would it be possible for staff recruitment to be done in a similar way to players?

In the sense of having offset time for when the bidding ends?

I understand the current system is in place because training is performed at the daily update, allowing you to purchase a new staff members without losing a day at all.

But the current system does lend to people of certain time zones having an advantage over others.
Being a new managerr, I find that this system benefits everyone. It's more balanced. I don't have to battle other rich managers to get a nice rp or coach, while it makes sense to get better players.
Although I understand the issue you present about the timezones. Maybe we could have 2 buying sessions, where you could get a staff member every 12 hours?
You wouldn't have any more or less competition if the time limit on purchases were changed I don't expect. But the current tactic is to come Approximately 5 minutes before server update and just bid the minimum for something with 0 bids. Guaranteed decent almost free coach. Although that's fine, it does give a huge advantage to those who are in a time zone that makes that viable. Especially sinse the update time was recently brought down, to when many players are unable to be online.

I'll cope either way, just trying to at least bring to attention a current advantage certain players have over others.