More ideas - Energy debt

Hey again, more ideas I have been throwing around.

The first one is Energy debt.
I am sure we all find energy overly confusing and awkward to control, here is an idea where the system can be made simpler as well as more controlled.

The idea is, players will always and only expend the energy they are assigned to use by the manager, regardless of how many sessions they actually use. For this, I propose an energy debt. This would be a 2nd energy meter that only get's used when a team plays fewer or more sessions than they were assigned to use.

So for example, I assign my player to play 10 solo queue sessions and he only plays 9, I will have a surplus of 1.6 energy. My proposal would use up the energy for 10 solo queue sessions however I would be owed 1.6 energy at a later stage (more on this later).

This means that for team ranked and solo queue, the energy can be calculated at the start of the day rather than the end, because the players are charged for how many sessions they are assigned and the energy debt is used to auto-correct sessions later. This would allow teams to fix their energy quicker and manage it easier.

Paying off the energy debt: There are 2 potential outcomes, either a player has a surplus of energy or a deficit and there is a way to fix it.
My idea is, when the player has a surplus of energy, he will automatically play more solo queue or streaming in a single day than he has been assigned to use up the excess energy, he will pick whichever is used more. For a player in energy debt, they will play less solo queue or stream the next day than they assigned to recover the energy they should have used. Players who have more than 100 energy after regen takes effect will take the excess energy to reduce the debt, but they will not build a surplus. Energy debt won't kick in until a player is at least 1.6 energy up or down.

Next idea, not a new one: League is Bo3 instead of a single game.
Pretty self-explanatory really, Bo3 will reduce the randomness and also make the result more relevant. There will be the increase of games teams will have to factor into their energy however.

Finally, a mid-way staff hire window.
Hiring staff is a stressful and frustrating part of the game right now. For a start you have to remember to check to hire staff one day before they expire. If I wasn't writing this I would have forgotten myself. Second is the blind bidding war which throws the risk of not getting a player up because you can not afford to miss out on a coaching session. third is not being able to prioritize which staff to hire first (pro-tip, staff are hired from the last bid you placed, first)

I suggest 2 things, first is to be able to re-order the staff bids you make so to prioritize the ones you want. There could also be groups so you could, for example, group 3 mid coaches together and 2 reputation managers together, so the game knows once you have received a mid-coach, you automatically discard all other mid-coach bids and bid on the reputation manager.

My second point to this is the big one, to have a second staff hire window 12 hours after the daily update. The staff on the market will accept bids and go to the teams. This will allow teams who may have forgotten to hire coaches to quickly hire one and fit them into their team for training before the daily update, it will also reduce the risk of missing a coach because the teams would have 2 oppertunities to hire coaches.

Let me know what you think
A note on the coaches idea, personally i think the coaches that are about to end their contracts should also be on the coach market so anyone can bid on them. E.g. so if there happens to be a coach who perfectly fits in with training 3 players for your squad but there aren't any other coaches like them on the market, you'd be able to bid on them the day their contract expires to get them back, but it shouldn't mean any team could hog a good coach as they will still be on the global market for bidding so anyone could potentially take them.
I only can say that I'm excited and almost impressed to that ideas(usually people don't elaborate that much their ideas and let them as concepts).

The whole point of all of them improves the game user friendly approach except from the League Bo3 one, so in my opinion it could be divided by divisions, so Div5 to Div7 play only one game and Div1 to Div4 play Bo3 games.

I explain myself, the newcomers to the game won't know the strategies/meta and almost how the game works so they have a learning phase that could be harder if they have to play three matches instead of one, What I suggested makes the learning curve easier(as your other ideas) and there is and excitment value there: "Hey, I promoted to Div4, I can play Bo3 games now!" I don't know if I explain myself correctly. Also, if you get promoted to Div4 it means that you have at least basics experience for the game and will make those games more interesting to play.

I hope the devs implement this ideas as they will definitely improve the game.