french translate

i lovr this game and my friend too but french people a laisy.
they don t want to translate for most of them! think about il if possible ;)
Why does french people have such problem with written english?
because English is one of the hardest languages to learn written
I mean, if I had to learn all the 140 ways an omelette can be made I wouldnt have time to learn english either... I would be toast then...(french toast haHAA)
ahahahahahaha well dais Tim well said
*said LOL
Once again, french people are foolish.

In this game, most of the term used in english are very understandable by french people (a lot of english words are really close to french words ie agressiveness/agressivité - Academy/Académie)

As a fellow french, I don't understand your struggle :( and you're making us look like some damn fools.
Cause we are dude
or at least most of french.
I m in 4 LOL team, but only one mate came to this game due to language

Laisy !!!!!!
wtf does "Laisy" mean mate

I think you want to tell us that french people are "lazy" (fainéants) ; not laisy :)
Does Google page translate not work?
only thing I've heard about translation into other languages has been "maybe in the future". And I agree, if it would bring in more people of different nationalities, it would be worth translating.

I mean, sure, many french people have trouble speaking and understanding english and gets shit for it, but just remember that china and korea, that are giant esports nationalities, also struggle with english. having the site translated into those languages could bring a huuuge amount of people here. only problem I have with that is that the koreans will become the best here too EggsDe
Message to all Admins here :

When and if a translation of the game will be done ; feel free to contact me. I'm French & fluent in english. There are actually not many text in the game itself to translate ; It will be quick.

Tutorials, wiki etc... are going to be longer tho.
@Moredhel. It would be amazing if you could translate my "New players guide" for me.
If there is any interest i could do the same for German. I wouldnt say im completly fluent in english but it should be good enough to translate it into German.
Yea, and i could do Dutch if there was any interest, im sure that a lot of the community would want to help out the devs if they were to do this

edit: fuck i keep forgetting im logged in on my smurf qq
^ Yes i can do dutch --'
what lol
Translate the game to other languages wouldnt be a bad idea but imo there are more portuguese speakers playing this game than french players.
Yes but at some point Trump is going to hire all the portuguese people to build the Wall ; and you won't have time to play anymore so it doesn't make sense to waste time to translate this in portuguese.

That being said (That was a joke mate) ; I guess the game translation idea is still only an idea. When and if admins want to translate it ; they might do a survey for them to know which languages to focus on.

I can translate in french, arabic, english, spanish !!!!!
@Moredhel i m also ok if U want to translate the new player guide !
@thaweed : work in progress :)
I am very intrested in Spanish translation

P.S guys, would anyone be intrested in dedicated language discord servers?

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^Mentioned this before, but having different channels over separating people that dont speak english into another server is way better imo. You just need a mod that speaks the language to moderate the channel