I demand a new staff member! I wish to spy upon my enemies and sabotage their computers. AFK opponents win games.
I think we can expand that idea and brainstorm it with all the comunity.

The staff member could be called "Researcher" as it sounds simple and clear to newcomers, so I'm calling him that way from now.
The researcher should be only able to research League and Tournament games as they are played with known rivals.

The researcher could have this stats:
·Experience: This stat marks the experience of the researcher in the industry and influences on how fast he can investigate a game. It could be a percentage so 0% it's a non-experienced researcher and 100% it's a professional researcher.
·Picks: This stat set the probability of having success in discover the enemy picks during the investigation time, the longer this stat is the longer picks lists the researcher will get. I think it shouldn't be a percentage as 100% should reveal the whole list and maybe that is a little broken.
·Bans: Same as Picks stat but with bans.
·Strategy: Similar to the Picks and Bans stats, but should reveal only the players build as the other things could counterplay a whole game.

I hope this helps to get this idea done, cheers!
Throw is assassination and I'm sold.
Where can I hire a man to hack my enemys?
Make that hacker able to perform ddos attempts with a success percentage and I'm in.
Alright if someone can ddos tims players then i can finally beat him in league
Im desperate.
There is a reward

Combine picks and bans and maybe give an overview such as "in his last 10 games he has played mana 7 times."
Strategy setup option - the researcher tells the player certian parts of the opponents strategy (note, these should all be discoverable in the game simulator some how)
Player overview - looks at your players and rates them compared to players around you (remember the stars in Football manager?)
Player potential - can scout a player and the game figures out how good they can be.

Thoes woukd be my categories, I think a strong researcher could be very good for new players, for veteran players they may stick with the coaches as all this info can be determined with the right experience and knowlage.
Not really a spy, but an analyst.

The Analyst, as a staff member, can analysed the past few games and prioritize ban in fuction of his result.
For exemple ; if the Analyst is lvl 3 ; he can watch the last 3 games and ban out the 100% picked champion from ennemy team.

This way, the Analyst would take over ban phase from your draft if result are good.
Nice ideas, I think that would be a good help to newcomers as you said but maybe the researcher/analyst has to have more utility for veteran players as it seems they don't need it, but that's not true, researching our rival is time consuming, so maybe the researcher could do that for us(I don't mean all of it) and we can focus on setting a good strategy against what we discovered.
I think veteran players would still prioritize filling that staff slot with a coach. It really is just being lazy vs maximum game performance.
I believe that you can do this manually. Near the beginning of the season I researched top teams in my division and created scouting reports on them. Haven't lost a league game.
I was thinking on having a staff slot only for that since the begining you start playing the game, so it would be splited from the actual staff members. I thought it as a help too, it's not like the researchers makes all the work for you, he just give you useful tips to know about the enemy strategy.
That ddosing and pc hacking would be lame its cheating so its like when you normaly would do that you was disqualified so its not something what can work.. just my opinion
Read the League Terms and Conditions. I doubt it says that you can't Assassinate your opponents. Perfectly allowed.
@unluckyros. For me it's streamline to efficency and maximise my gains. Giving up 2 training sessions over time builds up and players who used an extra coach will have an advantage.