Champion individual strategy

Was thinking that having the option of going into the strategy page and select a build for each individual champion would make the pick and ban phase a lot more diverse.

At the moment , people are stuck forcing their players to play either all ap or all ad picks because you can't use both with maximum effectivness , for the fact that the general build that works on 1 champ , won't work on another.

Let's say i want to have my toplaner play chewgoz , pirate king and mana. I'd obviously build all 3 different , but because i can't select an individual strategy for my champs , my toplaner would be stuck going either ap on pirate king , or ad on mana.....which is obviously something that we don't want.

What i suggest is giving us the option of going into pick and ban phase , and give us a button to select a strategy/build for each individual champ.

If said champ has no strategy set up , he uses the general strategy set in your toplane's page.

Might make pick an ban phase more diverse and unexpected.
What do u guys think ?