Some Ideas


i love manager games (played EAs Football manager a lot - literally till it broke) and have some suggestions on how to improve mobamanager.

1. Top players should not go into Div5
Thats just not realistic. Players already have a reputation stat. I suggest using that stat and some rules so that not every transfer is possible. At the moment its possible to farm some money and buy stars and go straight up - that would be prevented.

2. Direct Transfers
I like the bidding concept but I would also like some open transfer system were managers can actually negotiate about players. Thats more realistic. Of course it could lead to some kind of closed circle of teams who trade among themselves. This could be prevented with rules like no "closed transfers" among club members or stuff like that.

3. Scouts
Turn the scouts into actual scouts. Basically I would suggest that players stats are not 100% safe till they are in your team. If you have a better scout, the players stats you see are closer to the actual stats. You could also scout players who are member of another team.

4. Remove other teams visible money
Guess thats obvious. Strategywise not a good value to show.

I would love to see some or all of this integrated into the game. If you have any questions feel free to answer or contact me. I am a software developer myself and would like to help if wanted :)

generally speaking: yes please

except maybe the first one. if you got enough money why shouldnt you be able to buy top players?
Messi wouldnt go to some 3 divison soccer club so why should a esports player do so? Or He / she would require a much higher salary
Here are my thoughts on your suggestions.

1. I feel like they could add some kind of person traits system, some people are more after the money than the trophies etc. it would also add more depth to the game if you needed similar minded people to get the best results or some kind of happiness system and when they are not as happy they want more salary and play less good. But I do not feel like this is something the game needs yet.
2. Sure, but maybe within 1 div above and below also. Some dude quitting the game can't just donate his players for no money to his friend who is just starting the game. Maybe hard to moderate if there is no value minimum pay or something.
3. I agree, maybe you should need to scout every player on the player market too. But you could have some rough estimates where their skills could be if you have had matches against that team when using the player. But for now the original suggestion probably more realistic.
4. Ofc.
Hi Tietokono,

thanks for your comment on my idead. I would like to add a few more lines.

1. That would be a good thing but it aims in a different direction. An easy solution would be to link player reputation with team reputation or / and Team ELO. That would be similar to the sponsor system. Maybe the same algorithm would work for players as well. The basic point I want to prevent with this is, that someone creates a team, dont do any special stuff, just "farm" money and buy really good players to go up the ladder. That would not be possible if your team needs to meet some criterias to be interesting for a potential new player.
2. You are right but in combination with point 1 it is a bit harder to cheat here. Transperency is important here. The daily reports could have some additional statistic like "player value to money spend" and if this is extremly high or low, you could report or something like that. Or maybe a minimal transfer price would be required.
3. Yes you are right, playing against a team should give you more insights about its members.
Generally speaking, I'd love for these suggestions to make it into the game, too. #1, however, would be difficult to implement and balance without a more complex system for player wants, needs, and personalities, so that's probably a long way off at best. Also, direct transfers would be very easily abusable, so I'm not sure if there's much point in discussing them unless corresponding suggestions for safeguards from abuse are put forward, as well.
I like to wholeheartedly echo point 2, but as for point 4 though. Money has very little bearing on strategy after a certain point. It is basically just another vanity stat. And that should be fine.
Point 4 is an important point. Imagine someone is bidding for two players. When you know his balance, you can bid yourself accordingly to force him to go out for one bidding or out of both. Thats only possible because you know how much money he has.
"Messi wouldnt go to some 3 divison soccer club so why should a esports player do so? Or He / she would require a much higher salary"
Ok thats right Messi wouldnt go to play div 3 but Madlife went to play NA CS and other well known players did the same in the past.
Point 4 is in fact necessary
I dont know the lol pro scene well but I guess they only did becuase the payment was way better.
It depends massively on other factors. Madlife likely wanted to go NA because his skill was declining and wanted to move to sunny US.
I understand. Since we dont have these factors here (at least at the moment) you cant do that here.