academy warning text

I am fed up with new players ******* up and take out players from academy. it isnt clear enough for people that they should just let them sit there for like 4 years. make a warning text or a better layout so they dont waste 1-5 million getting players and taking them out at 13yo.
It is even explained, what the academy does.
I don't really see the problem.

Do people expect to get a star player, when they invest in the "youth" academy?

The academy tab even tells you to avoid it in the beginning.
thats not what I mean. Of course it explains how it works, its just that it isnt explained well enough that they should just let the players sit there on the academy page and not press "hire" for these 100k per day into training to work. I know many that have pressed hire because they thought thats what they need to do to get it working. I myself thought so too in the beginning but decided to wait a day to see what happens.

like a subtext saying "your current academy players" and a box around them is all thats needed, is it so hard to insert?
Guess these "hire" & "discard" buttons are just too juicy.
Maybe add another pop-up msg like "Do you really want to quit his/her youth career" or stuff like that.
it could be alot more clear. in fact, the entire academy site isnt even well made.

First of all, I dont care about when it trains, and also, that time is wrong.

secondly, as you can see here, the players stats makes the hire and discard button stick out outside the "academy window" making it look unprofessional and is the first sign that improvements could be made. https://gyazo.com/ad824dcde4a0a6cdc4c255ca1b04aa4e

third, my real point, which you do not seem to get, is that it is not hard to do a good description. nowhere on the site above is typed in that the players shown there is your current academy players. to be able "receive" a player, as it says above, the most logical step is to hire them.

all I am asking for is a visual update, a change in text, a better description showing exactly what they mean. this is a bad drawing but a box like this https://gyazo.com/df8716c6033bc58d162aafac4b184e91 and a description above saying "This is your current academy players. they will receive training once a day and can be taken out at any time you like."

Now I am going to be a dick about this, and if you feel im wrong, you can just fuck off. But I think that if you guys who have played this game for as long as you have and have gotten so used to how the game is and not understand that the current way it is described is hard for new players to understand, you shouldnt even get to have an opinion in anything new ever about the game because this is some fucking basic shit.

Tim out.
I am in a bad mood today so fuck all of you
I agree with Tim that it's confusing as hell and that the 2 buttons sticking out look unprofessional. They could add better text to clarify how the academy works and they could put the players in columns in stead of rows just like on the player reports.

When you click on "Hire" it would be nice if a modal box would pop up with the text "Hiring this player will stop his/her academy training and make this player a member of your roster. Are you sure you want to hire this player?" with a "Confirm" and "Cancel" button.
The measure of how clear and intuitive something is, is how many users navigate it without much problem. While many of us might feel that it's pretty clear already, if there are enough players making mistakes with the academy then that would suggest it's implementation needs reviewing.

Fuck Timfinity tho.
the buttons arent actually sticking out for me, maybe some scaling issue on mobile or generally smaller screens?
they dont on players which skills are under 10, but they do on players that are above. it gets wider as soon as they hit double numbers.

https://gyazo.com/be2cd6f0ca786f9cd0d464368443109e as you can see it almost looks okay on players under 10 in a skill, but the transparent bar still sticks out a little bit
^ Yup
And that's probably on a 1920 pixels wide screen. On smaller screens it gets even worse.