As you can see from the logs below, and you can check my acc if you want, the payment from Savior´s stream was $151 instead of the $41,094. Second day in a row that happens. Pls correct it asap

Your player rafiki31 income from streaming
Your player Savior income from streaming
Sponsor income
Maybe I've overlooked something, but I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what your issue is here.
Are you saying that "Savior" has been earning $151 from streaming instead of $41,094 with the same number of sessions?

I think player energy also has an effect on the player's streaming income, so this could possibly be what's causing the alarm for you?
Would you be able to show me how much Savior has been making for the past 5 days with the exact number of sessions (if you can remember).

You can check previous days income via the finance tab. Hopefully we can help or someone else understands what you mean.

In addition, what you've copy/pasted shows the income of each of your players from the day 30/05.
It seems to me that you're questioning the loss or gain of $151 from Savior's total $41,094 ? In this case, it's most likely player energy or a decline/increase in his player stats such as his reputation or personality rather than a bug.
I suspect what he means is that the gains of this day do not match the increase of the balance that is shown between brackets. In his case, Savior has an income is indicated to be $41,094, but if you look at the (temporary) balance it shows an increase from ($465,386) to ($465,537), which is only $151.

Personally I encountered the same issue of incorrect calculation of the (temporary) balance in the overall overview, but I have to add there that the total sum over the entire day is correct. For me the (temporary) balance is shown to be too high for some of the nodes, but too low on others, and in the end will be the correct accumulated amount. To me this only happens to the income and expenses that occur at the daily update, so perhaps it's worthwile to check if this is the case for you as well.

Long story short; to me it looks more like a visual bug than one with impact :)