Buy now

It would be interesting to implement a "buy now" feature in the player market. A way to have it not be abused is by having certain player Elo/Reputations having a minimum buy now so players can't just abuse the system to transfer money. Something like a 1,000,000 buy now for a player that has 2,000 Elo or something. It could be an option for the person listing their players.

I found it to be quite tedious to wait 24hours for a player of mine to get sold when I find someone who is better (in my case, a better streamer so one with a better reputation) so I just fire a player that's quite decent because I'd rather not wait 24hours.. yes impatient, but just throwing the idea out there.
People just wouldn't apply a buy now price, If I can put up a player for 1m and the bidding end at 8m why would I want a buy now price? there's not seller who wants a sell now button.
A similar system works just fine anywhere else, the player who is selling puts up a bidding price and a buyout price.. Obviously they can put the buyout price to anything they desire, so therefore, typically the buyout will always be higher than what the bid will end at in most cases.

This would help in terms of (hopefully) selling a player fast in order to be able to bid our buyout another player you spot on the market. I haven't really thought about whether that would be healthy for this game in particular or not considering the way it works, but if it were to happen you can expect absolute insane buyout prices.
Regardless.. It does work.
such a system is highly abusable.
Well having a minimum buyout depending on a certain elo/reputation/stats combo would reduce the level of abuse. Saying for example on the market an adc (best stat is.. 20 for example) is sold for 150k with a reputation of 1800 and elo of 1800. The minimum buyout allowed would be 250/350k but the seller has the opportunity to leave it open ofcourse.
A lot of the times people sell/buy a player but they can't actually edit their strategy to include such change. I, for example (yes very biased so take it with a grain of salt) would put such a player as stated in the example above at a buyout for 100k or 150k if I found another better player with a huge buyout (1M for example) on the market that I can pick up.

Anyways, just food for thought :)
A minimum buyout is not solving the problem. Money is not the problem here.
The fact, that you can directly trade players that way, is the problem.
Yeah, in terms of money trading this system would just be an enabler. Admins and CMs wouldn't be able to catch bad trades at all. They can now with the 24 hour system, plus with the inactivity of the devs and CMs they still get through sometimes as it stands now, sadly.

However, in theory, in the future with more staff and resources you could potentially add a buyout system with a slight buffer timer.
For example a bid goes up and the buyout option only becomes active after a few hours or so with the buffer timer increasing depending on the cost of the player or something like that.

So it's definitely not a reasonable option as of right now, however in the future if "faster sales" becomes an important issue for the majority of the playerbase, something like this has potential with enough thought put into the system imo.
Even fixing the multiaccount money trade problem, this may cause arrangements between players from a same club or any : for exemple, they could trade their players out of academy, if one of them train his players mid and the other top, and just make an exchange. You probably should wait a rework of the academy system to make a trading system like this...