Reputation Bug


I've been experiencing this a lot lately. I'm ending my day with 3000 rep and when i go to work in the morning, it's suddenly dropped to 2800. (-200 rep out of nowhere)

The reputation will be back to 3000 after the "day change" and during the night it will -200 rep again.

* NO i have not played any games during the night
* My damage control is 9 on PR manager
* My Hype is 7 on the Manager.

And this has been happening since the middle of the last season...
Is your "day change" the daily update?

Your reputation decays a little bit with every daily update. The higher your reputation, the higher the decay.
Damage Control/Hype only affect reputation gained/lost with ranked games.

Not sure, if that is really the problem here.

Actually yes, its daily update, but after daily update it usually stays the same, but in the middle of the night randomly decays, but from 3k to 2,8k, 200 decay, that's huge...
Sounds like the daily decay, there is no stopping this.

It's working as intended.
What time is daily update for you? I havent looked into this but after daily update time changed a while ago some things stayed and instead got updated at the old time, which were 21:00 my time, 3 hours after current daily update.

Just a theory, not a fact tho
^Maybe I missed something, but still doesn't explain why he gains then drops. Apparantly he gains at daily update (16:00) then he drops some at 21:00?
yes after daily update i lose like 50 max. But around midnight (EET) or something like that it drops -200 and within the day it comes back to +200.

Some might say what's the problem if it's -200 +200 but it seems my ranked wins does not give me more rep... well not like they did before at least
Please find the INGAME time for when this stuff happens, not real time
I do not know exact time. By INGAME time i leave the game around 22:00 (INGAME TIME) and by 6:00 INGAME time it's changed