League improvement

Was reading how league works and something just don't seem right?

>Top 1 team gets promoted and botton 4 gets demoted
What? How does that sound fun, challenging or fair at all? There is not prizes for places 2-4? And how the balance even works when only the top spot gets promoted while 4 people will get the boot?

It would make more sense top 3 get promoted at least, and the botton 3-4 get demoted, otherwise there is literally no incentive to anyone play this mode or even care at all
Right now the top of my league is basically a guy with a shitload of experience and a stacked team, he is probably someone who finish 2-3 before but didn't get upgraded so he is just killing time here, his team is miles better than anyone else on the league to the point is not even funny to compete

Seriously people, make this more dynamic, its just not fun neither interactive at all this grindy way right now
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it because as you go down from Division 1, the number of leagues are multiplied by 4?
Like Division 1 has 1 league
Division 2 has 4
Division 3 has 16 and so on
So mathematically there just isn't enough space to promote the top 3 because currently demoting the bottom 3-4 is equivalent to only promoting the top 1
Like if you promote the top 1 of Division 2 that's 4 people
So you need to demote 4 people from Division 1 which only has one league
If you promote the top 3 of each league from Division 2 that would be promoting like 12 people into a division that can only fit 10
Pretty sure you get money for placing in the league unless we scrapped that, and using your system the league system would be complicated as hell
And real talk, it's not like a lot of people are actually putting time into trying strats etc as I'm #4 in Div3 and smashed Div4 with a 3 month old strategy using 27 year olds.
Just fix the league. Number 1 player gets promoted and everyone else gets demoted.
It's more fun than being stuck in a legue with the people that got demoted from the superior leagues.
At the end of a season, you get prize money based on your position in your league, so even if you're not promoted, you'll still get something out of it.
Your system has the same problem that ker000 pointed out Blue, it won't work. 9 demoting doesn't make any sense at all either.
Why someone downvoted me? Is it really worth a downvote someone trying to improve the game? You know just because you disagree with something you shouldn't downvote it
Cancer community and game
well i guess its more about the fact that your suggestion of a different league system cant work that way, if you promote more people you also need to demote more people, else there number of people in higher leagues would increase with every season

i agree with the point that its not worth it finishing 2nd or 3rd in the current system though
in CS manager from division 2 promote directly 4 teams and 2 extras teams from a qualify between 4 teams from division 2 and 2 teams from division 1.
From division 1 is demote 4 teams directly.
You're obviously getting downvoted because you are suggesting something that isn't possible and you aren't suggesting a bigger change to make it possible.
Division I - 1 league: 10 Teams (4 demoted?)
Division II - 4 leagues: 40 Teams (4 promoted)
Division III - 16 leagues: 160 Teams (16+ promoted)
Divison IV - 64 leagues: 640 Teams (64+ promoted), (introduction of bot teams[A.I.])
Division V - 256 leagues: 2560 Teams (256+ promoted), (majority A.I.)
Division VI - 1024 leagues: 10240 Teams (1024+ promoted), (only A.I.)
Division VII - 4096 leagues: 40960 Teams (4096+ promoted), (only A.I.)
(10+40+160+640+2560+10240+40960)/2= 27305 Total league games played per update (10~15 minutes) + Replay Simulator.
273050 characters that Game Simulator has to simulate. Gold, K/D/A, CS.
Game Report for each character: General, Harass in lane, Fight in lane, Teamfight, Ability to CS, Gank, Evade gank, Jungle, Physical damage, Magical damage and Ability to heal.
Grid Statistics for each character: Damage Dealt (DD), Damage Taken (DT), Physical Damage Dealt (PDD), Magical Damage Dealt (MDD), Physical Damage Taken (PDT), Magical Damage Taken (MDT) and Healing Done (HD).
The suggestion is obvious...
Eliminate bot leagues. Or demote people and use them.
Reduce the ammount of games played so you can focus on fixing the KNOWN glitchs. Fix the replay simulations. Use champion icons instead of paint circles. Add a percentage Health bar on the side of the map for each character. Add game effects when they fight. Add music and sound effects.
Develop a league system with more teams on lower Divisions and lesser on higher Divisions (6 Teams on the league in Division I, every game appears in Daily News article with the stats of the current league (each team wins and losses); 20 Teams per league in Division VII (2048 leagues)). Balance the league games per day; Division I 6 games (6 days) and Division VII 20 games (20 days). Callendar: Division I games: Day 2, Day 5, Day 8, Day 11, Day 14, Day 17 and Day 21 is no league day, Division VII plays every day and day 21 is no league day.

Edit: Also show the prize pool for finishing first in each league on the News article.
News article right now shows: TOP TRANSFERS IN LAST DAY [5 characters] (make it 10); TEAMS UNDER 3 DAYS OLD [5 teams] (irrelevant); TEAMS UNDER 7 DAYS OLD [5 teams] (shouldn't be on news article); TEAMS UNDER 30 DAYS OLD [5 teams] (shouldn't be on news article); TEAMS UNDER 90 DAYS OLD [5 teams] (should be 10 and there needs to be a new category of OLDEST ACTIVE TEAMS [10 teams].); TOP 5 TEAMS [5 teams](good, nothing bad here, it is what people want to see in a news article); TOP YOUTH PLAYERS [5 characters] (good, it is what people want to see in a news article); TOP PLAYERS [5 characters] (good, it is what people want to see in a news article); TOP SCOUTED PLAYERS [5 characters] (irrelevant because of how the scout works. scout can't search for Cristiano Ronaldo or SKT1 Faker...); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 1 [5 teams] (good, it is what people want to see in a news article, but should be next to TOP 5 TEAMS); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 2 [5 teams] (should show number one team in each league, so only 4 teams); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 3 (should only show number one team in each league, so 16 teams); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 4 [5 teams] (irrelevant); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 5 [no teams] (irrelevant); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 6 [no teams] (irrelevant); TOP TEAMS FROM DIVISION 7 [no teams] (irrelevant).

Make the news article more relevant for people that play this game. For example show what Facilities level top 5 teams use (it might help new players). Make a section of best couches for each role and where they are (in a team or on the market) or make a section for best staff and show the stats of the best couches and PR managers.
Make the news article page look different from the rest of the pages. Make it look like a web link or a news paper.

I can make a model for News Article if you want, just contact with comunity and ask. We work for free... We just want a better future for the game.
tl;dr leave the game for small part of community, only claim ownership, downvote all insec posts
Not like someone made a complete good system with a promotion/relegation system, wrote it down in a google docs file and sent it to the devs like 8 months ago LUL