MobaManager news

Hi guys,

Long time no see! First of all I'd like to thank anyone who is still playing the game. I keep occasionally checking the player count and I'm always happy to see when the numbers have stabilized or in some cases even slightly gone up. Usually they seem to do well on Mondays and slowly fall back by Sunday, so I make sure to check on Mondays as my therapist suggested.

As for what we are doing it's still the same. Working for billed projects, putting resources aside, thinking of when, where and how should we launch our next entrepreneurial attack.

Regarding current game I feel like the strongest option for us would be to start a similar project from scratch in parallel. It would focus more on trying to be a quality management game rather than a raw numbers simulator we have right now.

The game simulator would be different in a sense that you wouldn't see players moving on the map. You would see their rough status (in bot lane, in jungle, by the dragon) etc, but they wouldn't actually be moving pixel by pixel. You would see real time stats and commentary.
Eliminating this complexity would give us the advantage of creating a simulator that responds to strategy correctly and has fewer unintended "features". As an economic difference I would set aside the way for example scouting, sponsors etc work right now. They depend on the actions of other or most players, but this can create unwelcome scenarios when using something is unexplained, unviable or too complicated. I would rather have fixed sponsors and scouts would give out players in a more single player fashion. There would still be random variance.

Let me know what you think and thank you once again for still playing!
Nice to see you haven't given up on this game! Not sure if a brand new game would be a good idea but that's your decission. I hope whatever you do takes off :)

Now that we're talking, I've been having this idea for quite a while but never mentioned it because the game was dying. It's something that could attract more payments. Just like League of Legends introduces new champions which you can pay for, this game can introduce new champions as well. They shouldn't be OP like in LOL but at least you can give them top rank stats. The champion shouldn't feel like pay to win but it should bring some nice and handy features. Features like players mastering this champion master it at 1.5x speed, winning games with this champion gives your player more ELO, playing games with this champion consumes less energy, ... Even give people who bought this new champion a profile banner or some sort. I believe this idea could bring in a lot of new payments by people seeking these small advantages.
Why not just update this game instead buil a full new one?
No one keep creating new games just because the last one didn't go like they need.
Just listen the community and update the game to get it more equal to all players.

I no one in any online that i have play, but i got 21 years of experience on manager games, starting with Elifoot 1.1.
Them i played FM Live, CS manager, cs Evo, hattrick, grand prix manager, goal united, etc.

In the online games kids just want pay to win games, but if they can't win they quit games.
No one want either play with cheaters and ruler abuseres, not even cheaters like to play with cheaters.
One thing i know users don't want to play a game for a month or two without win anything. Trophies is what make worth usera stay in games.

HENRI if you want a opinion of a user with a lot of experencie in online games, just keep updating this game.
If need remove the GE visual part, but make build works. You can't build a sucess hero tank pinking a support hero. But if you build a good stat tank it should be hard to kill and able to take more dmg during fights.
Player skill limits should be visivel, like you could make a talent star, better talent the higher skill he could reach.
28y yo start losing training is either wrong.

Tryouts is very bad, i can pick 13y adc or jungle and they came with the same skills points. The skills should be focus on position.
After pick a tryout you should take them to a younger academy were they should train base on their position, obvius at a high cost so only tops teams could pick 5 start talents players.

Scout is stupid, players that leave teams without contracts should be placed on market, so scout shouldn't exist.

Finances and sponsors should be working as: a team can only have a littke diference between revenue and expense. What should make a difference between teama that win more money if winning tournaments and leagues.
Sponsor syateam is good this way, ferrari can't support all teams in F1, and even if they support two team, the best ones gots more support than other.

Ranking system should be base on tournament, league and cups games and that should be the base to unlock best sponsors.
I fully support a full rebuild of the game.
I would be happy to make some recommendations if you wish.

My first being would be to focus on developing it to be playable on mobile platforms. I also feel a re-worked youth academy would be entirely helpful. The player cycle is very punishing and often off putting.
Let me know if smth new comes up!
Im still missing this game :(
Henri, tell oww i need more money for the kid, he knows what i mean :D
"its something"
anything more about the new stuff or still that early in development that you cant tell us more about the project?
I believe that currently there's nothing under wraps. They are still hoping to get some investors and then the "new" project will take flight. Devs can correct me if im wrong.
probably true yeah :D would still like to hear more about it though
just curious if there are any updates on this?
Afraid not :/