Finally leaving

Hi guys,
I know that nobody knows me, but I still want to say that it was a really good game. I'm happy to remember time spent on this website and I do not regret any second here. I thought I'll be playing this game until the server is down but finally, I decided today to stop here. Thanks to this community. Thanks to the devs. Thanks to those dramas (Hi Insec). Thanks to Club Soda. Hope we'll see each other in other games. Btw dev if you have some news or projects tell us :D

Thank you everybody,

(I'M SELLING ALL MY PLAYERS GO TO THE MARKET. Bid as you want but try not to make too much unfair competition)
have a good life <3 thanks for buying and bidding on so many of my players. thanks for being a part of club soda. thanks for being
Agradecido se fué