2 Accounts Suspended

I logged in to my main account today and found out it was suspended for a reason unknown. Then I logged in to my most recent smurf account and found out it was suspended aswell. This account suprisingly hasn't been... what's going on???
You can't think of a single reason for this?
Nice answer community manager (ironic mode off)
I was being sarcastic, because i think this is between the 2 parties, but apparently we're taking it to the forums.

I suspended your account because you were trading players between 2 accounts you own, which is against the rules. It's funny, because we dont really have any rules besides this one.

Does it make sense now?
I took this to the forum because I thought this would be a faster answer source than an email that would get lost in the spam etc. And you're saying that me buying my own player once without previous misconductions is enough to permanently ban 2 of my accounts? Also it's weird to me that a team can't swap players between his own teams. In real e-sports, it has happened multiple times and to my knowledge, this simulator is based on managing an e-sports team. But since your rules right now don't allow that, I'll keep it in mind and it won't happen again.

Just my 2 cents.
Fact is that it's against the rules to trade players between your own accounts. You've done nothing wrong before, almost 2 years, but you've known the consequence if you did something wrong.

I made this post: https://www.mobamanager.gg/community/forum/topic/show/3538 around 4 weeks ago, because i saw an inflation of newer (and some older) players trying to cheat the system and get "decent" players for low cost or bad players for high cost.

I've been giving out warnings to loads of players, but nothing seemed to work. I'm done with warnings! Maybe you feel its harsh, but just because you've been playing this game longer than most others, does not give you a free pass to do such things. I ALMOST banned your 3rd account too, but felt that was too much.

Wheather or not you think its fair not to trade players between accounts, doesnt matter. We have this rule because people can't be trusted not to try and abuse the system.

This is my stance.
Aight, fair enough, bye-bye MobaManager then.
where do I find the rules?
cool cool, never visit the market so haven't paid attention to that
Timfinity isnt playing mobamanager tho, hes playing his own game, he comes here to invest in scout and sell the players he finds XD, now thats what i call dedication!
lol exposed