How do you get better?

I just played a practice game, and everyone lost 0/5/0 without scoring a single kill. How do you get better? Also, when do your players do things? I told them to practice, but when does that actually happen?
Try out new strategies. If your team is getting stomped it is most likely because you are running some wack strategy like 100% utility or the enemy team is much stronger than your team. Experimenting with strategies with sandbox mode, buying better players and coaches, and finding the best way to make more and more money are things you need to find out.

Best of Luck, Omega
VERY IMPORTANT: This game's market is dead because of low amounts of active players. To get a better team I would invest money in scouting. However much money is up to you but just know that with this market you are probably not gonna have many options for grabbing players on the daily. If you need help I usually check into mobamanger daily.

Best of Luck, Omega
1. Getting better results are based off your strategy. Strategy is more important than raw stats. Try messing around with diffferent setups and test them out vs a worthy opponent.
2. Your player does these things:
- Streaming and Training are done AT the daily update.
- Soloq and Team Ranked games are QUEUED at the daily update, and will be played thorughout the next 24hrs between updates.

Hope it makes sense, otherwise dont hesistate to ask :)