Inactive league ruining the new player experience

I'm not entirely sure if you can still consider me a new player, but I am still in the lowest active division.

And let me say, every single league match down here in bronze land is an auto-win due to invalid strategy (not enough players).

Couldn't we somehow kick these players and simply replace them with... idk, some kinda npc? The same ones from the ranked matches or scouts?

Since I no longer have to tweak my p/b or strategy against these guys I have no incentive to log in.
If you come in first in your league I believe you will be promoted into division 2 which will mean that you will have some competition soon enough. I am still a new player as well and I agree it is some what frustrating. However, just want to make you aware there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
We're at game 14/18 in the league right now, just hold on a few more days to be promoted :)
There's an algorithym that runs every daily update - it kicks people for being inactive. However, there are certain criterias that has to be achieved, and sadly a lot of teams stay way to long.
Since the game is currently not being actively developed, i see no chance for this to change, however, i will take this to Henri and see if he can do something - no promises tho.

As Moenski and P2mn says, season is almost over, if you're #1 in your league atm, and in Div 4, you can very well be promoted to div 2, and again, no promises! :D

Hope this clears up some of it. I understand your frustration, and we've all had it at some point.