Ahead but still lose

Okay so this happened to me three times in a row. My team is about 2 times of enemy gold ahead and the kills are something like 30-2 and i still lose, because my team just camps nexus for kills and doesn't end. Enemy minions end the game and i lose.
same thing happens to me lol
If you've read some of the other posts, you'd realize, this happens because you havent alltered your strat and are running with 5 people using utility. Meaning you dont have enough damage to actually kill your opponent.

Try using only 1-3 people using utility, and then expect different results.
If only you knew i read the posts and that's not the issue.
Sorry but that's EXACTLY the issue...

Newly created team starts sandboxing other new teams. Noone altered their strategies, so they are both running with utility on 5 people. Hence it just gets to one long ass teamfight, where one of the teams wins cause of minions.
Funny that, cause i took like an hour or so to actually alter my strategies.
Basically you're using too much utility and not enough damage.