How do facilities effect training?

Is there a table where it shows how much upgrading a specific facility increases the effect of training? Something like leveling up your Gaming house increases training efficency by 10% or sthg like that?
I feel we need more transparency with the gains from all the upgrates. It should help make better decisions on developing our teams.
From what I can tell every upgrate that mentions Energy Resoration gives another game your players can play.
^What Gan said.

Upgrading facilities is a linear gain and not a percentwise gain. 1 lvl in each facility gives you a flat increase.
so the part in the facility description saying that it increases training efficency is wrong?
I get the energy restoration part I am just confused if upgrading my Gaming house/gear increases the skillpoints my players gain per training session.
Ah i misunderstood...
I dont remember the numbers but there are some.. i'll look into it.
Thank you :)
So I did some testing about training. I wont go into detail about how I calculated that stuff but here are some takeaways I got.
.)Training efficiency correlates with your players Energy. Between 75-90% seems to be the sweet spot.
.)Energy has a higher impact on your training efficiency than 1 Lvl of gaming Gear (prop even 2-3 lvls but didnt test that)
.)There seems to be a random espect on training efficiency since a player got diffrent stats on 2 days while having same training schedule and energy.

if you found out something I would be happy to hear it :)