New club for active players

Hello, I noticed that this game is a bit dead but I like it and I wuld like to play with others in club, so we can share ideas etc. and have more fun together. I tried to write for some clubs but nobody answered.

There is plenty of clubs, but majority of them have deleted teams and inactive players. I try to be active every day (many times per day) and I lack some communication or "life" here, so it wont look that much "dead" to me.

I have idea about creating club of ACTIVE players (of course, its ok to be offline sometimes, but not one week or many days in row, this game requires management not only afk playing) - and I would like to ask everybody willing to play more active, share ideas etc. to write me message, so we can talk...

I dont want to be leader of anybody, just want to create nice and friendly community! :)

I will wait for your messages, everybody who like this game is welcome... I dont have club yet, just having idea of creating one.
I'm interested, I was considering something similar only I had some plans to use a club as a means to try and drive people to create new batches of players at the same time. Right now teams can be at vastly different development stages and I think it'd probably be more fun and competitive to put a system of sorts in place to allow players to sync up their play better.
I am interested