Club - Active Logic Gaming - is recruiting!


Since I couldnt get myself into any active club, I tried to make my own. Goal is to gather active players to have fun together, share ideas, strategies. trade players, get better together, but most important - have fun!

Since club is new, started 26.3.2020, we are not hundreds there :)

Who are we looking for:
> Active players (at least once per day login activity, your club need management)
> Friendly players willing to get better in this game and help other clubmates with own tricks and strategies
> New or veteran? Doesnt matter, everybody can find his place there!

Goal of club:
Active playerbase, sharing ideas, strategies, trading players, having fun, playing scrim matches, improving and raising skills together!

Interested or want to ask anything? Send club application or message me for more info, or if you have questions!
Best of luck to you and your newlyfound Club :)
If you haven’t yet, you should check out the discord. It’s not a club but it acts a lot like one. Helped me when I was starting.