GS3 - Deployed at 27.06.2016 13:30

What the new version has been focusing on:

1) There should not be weird long lasting teamfights anymore.
2) Harassing vs farming even more balanced.
3) Teams should make wiser decisions on when to push and when to base.
4) Games should be overall more stable.

Let's see how the things work out now.

And also here are the results from the point before the new release ordered by hidden ELO:

Feedback and weird game reports are welcome! I'm thinking of also adding a commenting ability under game replay so users can write their debug comments right under the games.

The game simulator is hardest part to get right currently and it will probably take some time before it reaches the state where I want it to be.
Hotfixed getting too much gold.
no bug or anything, just wanted to say that atleast my jungler has been doing alot more in this game engine, he finally gets a decent amount of kills and assists!
so just trying to help here, i find that the players take way to long killing minions, even when they are grouped as 5, also at 25.20 (https://www.lolmanager.gg/games/replay/436206) my team has a flanking position on the enemy when they go for my bot inhib turret but they just randomly back giving a free turret + inhib. i eventually lose because minions to tanky :O

I had 3 inhibs down from about 22.00 and after that nothing happens, just my team goes mid->die or recall, and the minions do nothing. They hold 3 inhibs for 50 minutes, pretty dumb :(
I hope it will get fixed.
If u can make any item cap cuz if game is longer players still buy items in my last game player with 30k gold earned still bought items
this is the game that was supposed to be played yesterday. as you can see from min 23 and onwards my team just pulls out a tsm and keep on spawn killing the enemy, don't know if it's a bug, just wanted to let you know
when a turret goes down, the players just walk past the enemy enemy players losing half hp and then just dieing soon after
same as above...lots of games ending super quick, and with no actual obvious victory (no inhibs taken, etc.)
i had just 3 of those short games in a row and somehow i won them all. maybe the opponent always surrenders? xD

seems like newbie rush and me cant have one normal game, its always bugged :/

This game lasted almost 9 minutes and lost. What is that?
Same problem as Menneke.


Game replay shows that I won (while down about 1k gold), but it's recorded as a loss. Does this have to do with the game only judging gold difference at the end?


This is actually affecting quite a few of my games...more and more close ones are going to the opponent simply because of gold lead at the end, despite my team winning. >>
Is there a way to add pictures? I have a screen shot. Anyhow, I had some slots in housing. all 4 bids were cancelled. They were mad good or I wouldnt be here. 10/10/10/10 PR and some other staff. Anyhow, I at the time I had 2 slots. Downtime I couldnt get on to clear the 2 that I didnt want. To make sure I got the 2 that I did... Got on didnt have the slots I got in the house and all 4 were cancelled.
So junglers are acting really weird. It would seem that junglers aren't getting assists during laning phase. If you watch the Game simulator it will show junglers "ganking" or helping fight in lane and even says successful gank but when the enemy dies the jungler never seems to get an assist. They also spend a lot of time bouncing off the other jungler with nothing happening.

No assist - https://www.lolmanager.gg/games/replay/671294
Bouncing - https://www.lolmanager.gg/games/replay/640089
Subject: Match history says I lost when replay says I won
Game: https://www.lolmanager.gg/games/replay/708725

It says my team lost to Mexican Challenger on the match history... but the scrim replay says "Blue team wins". I watched the entire replay, enemy had no inhibitors left... and I think super minions killed the nexus for me? Why did I lose?

players cannot kill the nexus.

becasue of the way my team is set up i tend to get stronger later which leads to some games where i have inhibs down. In this reply you will see that becasue i had all 3 inhibs down even though i was farming there team on their fountain i could not win the game. Instead the opponents minions kill my nexus.

also worth noting that there seems to be no priority on defending respawned inhibs, 90% of time i see them immediately get killed by the minions around it, while team is clearing other lanes or leaving the base to push somewhere. ( happens 3 or 4 times in this game)
We need longer gametimers, as of now, after 01:30:05 the game just ends. How is it decided which team wins?
the game timer should not be the issue. the way the game is balanced and decision making should be ending games before that point.

right now there is a huge issue with how teams decide when they back once grouped.

These 4 games show up in my notifications, but not in my game-tab. Also they have not been played with my given strategy, since I have Cyclona as preferede adc, but these games have been played with Quiroga.
The first linked game also did not follow my prefered pick-order, since my adc picked Plague rat, even though both Boomerang AND Rocket girl was open, and has higher priority in my stragety tab.
So i played a few scrims against a team ( twenty7 gaming) and lost them all. After some review, his mid player (xcellent) is going 75/8 and 65/5 on his last two games (he has almost 100% of it's team kills) and 479 and 419 farms (the second highest is around 200). After watching the game replay, looks like my and his team stay at base for about 3, 4 min every 5min, but not his midplayer, who is farming, taking turrets alone in the map.
Just had this come up in a game last night
"This game has no replay

This game was surrendered due to loser team being either a bot team, frozen account or invalid


I lost the game.
However 4 hours before that I played a normal ranked game and won. No changes were made in between these games.

Here is a simulated game I just played with making no changes. https://www.lolmanager.gg/games/replay/3156824
Edit: Nvm figured what was wrong.
https://www.mobamanager.gg/games/replay/3909394 AI was unable to decide between going back to base to defend or finishing the game at ~53 minutes and ended up dancing back and forth between finishing turret and moving back, ended up losing due to being stuck in the middle doing nothing