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This is a subforum dedicated for isses with game simulator only.

Every time I make changes in the game simulator and deploy the new version I will create a new topic under which testers should post games that they think are unrealistic, bugged or have anything else wrong about them.

The post should include a link to the game replay and comments what was wrong with the game.

Your feedback and testing is appreciated!
Dear, Mr. Henri when I try to get in a Sandbox game and go in the Waiting For Que and i wait the twenty Seconds and refresh im still at twenty seconds waiting in que and my time isn't going anywhere.

Sincerely, Gummtree
Check this: hctps://www.mobamanager.gg/community/forum/topic/show/2802
I cant renew my Sponsors keeps giving me error 01 its been like that for 3 days now
I noticed through countless simulation that when a teamfight happens near the Nexus, all the minions will collect in that one area. After the countless teamfights are over, all of those minions that are collected up will just storm down the lanes and end the game. This is completely unrealistic of each and every single simulation that i did.
What can i do in my strategy that my team win a lot in kills and gold but they stuck in opponent base and lose the games? It happens for a few time that's why i am asking for solution?
It's because you havent updated your strats - if you run utility on more than 3 people, most of the game its just 1 long teamfight. You need damage and defense, try tweaking your builds.