@Devs Who are you guys ?

Yes, somehow that interest me.

Who are you guys, who devotes your time to this game (which looks promising btw, keep up the good work) ?

Where do you come from ?
Are you professionals dev ?
Are you working on this full time or as a hobby ?
Hi Whiden,

I am gonna start by saying that we are feeling really humbled and happy because all the good words and feedback that our community is giving us. It definitely keeps us motivated and wants us to do more for you guys :)

And here all your answers for your questions:
*Where do you come from ?
We are from Estonia. Its a small nordic country with a really tech savvy environment around us. For example its the birthplace of Skype, Transferwise, Grabcad and many more. Just for an interesting fact, did you know that in our country you can e-vote, pay taxes online (if you wanna do it by post you have to pay more), create a company online in 10 minutes and latest accomplishment is our e-residency program. If you guys wanna read more you can visit this website: https://e-estonia.com/

*Are you professionals dev ?
Yes, we are a professional team of developers. Actually we have a digital agency here in Estonia with 9 people working in it, you can check out our website: www.optimistdigital.com . Currently our team for Lolmanager consists of 4 members however only one person working almost full-time on it (1 developer) others are supporting as much as we can aside from our main work. We have 1 developers, designer, CTO and a business strategist in core Lolmanager team.

*Are you working on this full time or as a hobby ?
It started off as an hobby but the goal is to turn this into a great game which obviously means we have to start making revenue soon. It took us some time to collect enough finance so we could put one person almost full-time working on it. As you can see last 2 weeks have been crazy, lots of new updates and much more coming. Our current assets allow us to continue for another 3 months without making revenue, however during this time we need to build a monetizing system on for Lolmanager in order to continue.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the game and of course if you have any suggestion or request feel free to share it on our forums :)
But but but Skype is from Denmark :P
The money came else where I thus many countries are claiming that they created Skype. But the truth is the actual software was developed by actual Estonians and Skype main development is still in Estonia, Tallinn. :)
No it was 100% a nordic thing. Janus Friis(Denmark) & Niklas Zennström(Sweden) is the founds and the one who made the first versions. Later it was outsources .

Janus Friis all so made KaZaA.

But nvm, just info for you :)
I am not trying to argue but just out of interest, lets take this investigation on :D

Here is one quote from Skype Wiki: "First released in August 2003, Skype was created by the Swede Niklas Zennström and the Dane Janus Friis, in cooperation with Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn, Estonians who developed the backend that was also used in the music-sharing application Kazaa."

And also a quote from Kazaa Wiki: "Kazaa and FastTrack were originally created and developed by Estonian programmers from BlueMoon Interactive[1] including Jaan Tallinn and sold to Swede Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (who were later to create Skype and later still Joost and Rdio)."

I think the case here is that the business and the brand was created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis in both cases for Skype and Kazaa. I am not claiming that Estonian did it all by them selves, definitely not as they just were bunch of hard core developers. Now Ninklas and Janus they probably build the brand name, created company and brought in the money. For those reasons you can say yes, Skype was created by a Danish and Swedish guy. However just as important as the business was the core software for Skype and Kazaa what was developed by guys in Estonia whos strongest side back then probably wasn't business. I think the Estonian eventually got a relevantly small % of Skype when it was created but still the original software was created here and was further developed by the help of a swede and danish. Here is also an quote from wiki that claims who originally created it: http://d.pr/i/16DXZ

To rap this up I strongly believe the initial software in both cases was made by Estonians. Niklas and Janus came in and made it into a business and probably helped it further develop. Without Swedes or Danish Skype wouldn't be Skype, so we can say that it was strongly a joint effort and both countries can proudly claim they created Skype :)

But hei, thats just quoting the internet and me telling you whats being told all around Estonia. Who know whats the real story :D
Thanks for your interest!

I used to play League Of Legends (I sometimes still play, but not as try hard as I used to) .. and I had played various multiplayer online manager games as well when I was younger so I naturally wanted to have a manager game based on LoL.

Since at this point there wasn't one I decided there needs to be so I started working on it and when I showed my project to the fellow guys at my work they were interested in it, so we started working on the project as a 4 member team.

I have written somewhere a little longer story on how I started it, but I'm looking for a proper time to share it :)
Well all I can say is that I went to the same school as Janus Friis. And he started out as a programmer. The first visions of KaZaA was made in a small apartment where all who was coding the program lived.
KaZaA end up making them 0$ btw.

But you are absolutely right in, that most firms in Denmark which makes web development outsourced to other cheaper countries ( work force ) than Denmark.

And it's fun to speak off it :) So np! :) Btw. your link does not work here.

Janus Friis were employed by Altnet before he got the idea for Skype - D you n? Altnet was once also a "talk over the Internet web" program.
Thanks for the answer :) and i hope you will a way to keep on improving this game.

More technicals question, being a dev myself, what language are you using for lolmanager ? And are you "hiring" any free dev help, in addition to the team ?
Backend is built on Laravel, which is a PHP framework.

Front end is the usual, with game replay being on React.
About dev help.
It's something that we will probably start discussing and thinking about soon.

But we are approaching this very carefully right now.
Alright, thanks for the answers.

By the way, have you thought about using jira ? It would be easier to report bugs.
Bumping the thread, would love to see the feature list in Jira and to be able to report bugs there !
Swag answers also nice info on Skype's origin story hahaha
@whiden - we are currently using Trello for task and bug tracking. Probably we will stay on Trello for a while and you guys can use the forums for reporting bugs. We will filter out the important stuff.
Alright :)
oww please introduce youself, your badges design is pretty nice
Have you guys thought about making the website full responsive?
aq lot of the website looks like it would be easy to make responsive with the basic implementation of bootstrap (or other similar frameworks for front end)
This is an old thread, but whatever. Have you considered app development? Cosmetic microtransactions could help with revenue, and with Cordova (or other hybrid platforms) you could build it concurrently for web/ios/android). Just a thought.
To [TC] Cerin:
The responsiveness of the website is a subject that has been talked about a lot. To keep things short: I've been the one asking them if I could work on it because I know it would only do good to this game. I managed to start a discussion about community development where we talked a bit about certain things about this game. Nothing concrete has been decided yet but one thing that got mentioned is that the responsiveness of the website is not priority #1 when community development would get introduced. There are a lot more back-end core issues that need to be addressed first because they impact the game more than the responsiveness of the website. And imo it wouldn't be easy as you say to make this website responsive. There are loads of pages with tons of data in tables that would be a pain in the ass to make full responsive for small screens. But I do believe it can be done, it just wouldn't be "easy".

To Aezur:
They probably discussed this a lot internally. Even in our talks about community development we talked about a cordova app. I even made a prototype app to test it myself. It kinda works but still has a couple issues. But since nothing really has been decided yet I havent put any more work in it. I'm waiting on the dev's response :)