Goodbye and good luck to you all ^^

Hi! My name is Tomas, those of you who have seen me in the forums know me as BDSM_Diana and others whom I had the pleasure to meet in the game field know me as the manager of the team Bondage & Discipline.

I'd say I did a fine job fulfilling this 'manager' fantasy. My team performed well and I've been a constant member of the top 100 list. I was lucky enough to get ranked in the second division and have continued to improve my team and strategy every day.

I attribute this to the fact that the game has been an obsession to me ever since I began playing. I've been spending more time on it than I have on playing the actual League of Legends. I had a goal, to reach the top and become the number one player and I've been doing my best to achieve it. I have the confidence that in time I might have done it.

But the thing is that I became too obsessed with the game. This is a game that works best when you give it 15 minutes a day to tweak whatever needs tweaking and check up all the updates. I've been giving it much more, putting hours into finding best strategies and calculating energy and money expenses etc.

That is how I am, I get very passionate about things I do. That may be useful one day in whatever work I do. I aim to become a graphic designer among doing other things. I have to come to terms that this means I have to cut out other things from my life, like these little games.

LoLManager is a great game and I feel it created a very nice community around itself. I've enjoyed participating in it very much. Good luck to all of you players trying to reach the top, you can definitely do it. Cloud9 seemed unbeatable but Mops has done it. With time everyone can catch up with those super stars.

And good luck to the Devs. Guys, you are doing really well for something that is a text-based browser game. And the way you communicate with the community and have open discussions about the development of the game is inspiring. I'm sure you'll do great work, not only with LM but with whatever project you may do in the future.

This is a lengthy post and I'm very grateful to anyone who reads it. Good bye, good luck and good management ^,^

PS: Devs, if you ever add Diana-character into the game, my suggestion for the name is 'Dominatrix'. Cheers!
Do you have a Fettish with Diana thing going on? Anyway good luck to you
It's a shame you're leaving us, but we understand. Good luck out there.
Thanks for playing our game, we are really glad to hear that you have liked it this much!
Good luck in becoming a graphics designer :)
Sad to hear that we had some interesting duels.
Good luck from my side as well.
Not sure if you're already gone for good, but if you check back in and see this, just wanted to wish you the best. Maybe later on you'll be able to manage yourself better and we can see you again.

Good luck in all you do friend =D
Cheers mate. I wish you the best in life!
BYE BYE Goodluck