Tier List for current patch

I keep getting messages asking me what champions are good so I decided to make a tier list.

God-Tier/Top 3 - OP and/or Perma Pick/Ban
Top: Barbarian King, The Cane, Mana
Jg: Werewolf, The Cane, Barbarian King, Joker
Mid*: Blade Dancer, Prof Brains
AD Bot**: Rocket Girl, Frost Archer, Plague Rat
Heal Bot/Sup: Archangel, Weather Girl
* Mid lane is ass right now.
**Top teams don't usually pick adcs but these 3 are generally better than the other 2 if you go that route.

Mid-Tier - Not op but relatively safe pick
Top: Chew'Gozz, Mad Doctor, Grandmaster, Juggernaut
Jg: Blademaster, Mummy, Scarecrow, Invisible Lady, Juggernaut
Mid: Void Walker, Scarecrow, Icebird
AD Bot: Boomerang, Valkyrie Pilot
Heal Bot/Sup: Time Bomber, Starlight Healer, Dark Angel, Gem Knight, Bull
Unorthodox Sup that could work: Armadillo, Scarecrow, Yeti
Honorable mention: Mushroom is at least a decent pick in every role except jg.

Most, if not every, other champion is either a worst version of another champion or just straight up terrible.
Thanks for taking the time to post it, appreciate it
If top teams dont pick adcs then how do they change it? They just put a player with a different preference and champion pool instead and effectively have a top laner (for example) that isnt playing top? There isnt a stats penalty for doing that or something? I cant find any way of modifying team positions in the strategy tab.
There is no stats penalty. You can have a player playing on different positions (which ofc isnt good, you should look to have him on the role he is better at). In the strategy panel you can select the player, its the first option below the position.
Im just checking i understand this but what effectively happens is that because the adcs CHAMPIONS suck an adc player is trained in top lane champions for example and picks those instead? Or the champions that can play both are used so you use a champion often used in the top lane in the adc instead (such as Mushrooms or Blade Master)?

edit: im not sure why i focused on just top lane, you could mix and match whatever champions. I was trying to make the example simple for myself. Also since 'Mid is ass' the same happens?
The penalty was more using a champion which was not meant to be in that position being used in that position, not the players themselves.
Oh I see, didnt understand that was your question. Yes it is very normal for those off-meta picks to sometimes take over and they can be played such as you said like blade master in the adc position. I dont know of any downgrade if you play a champion outside of its supposed position, if it works its all good :)
Oh and btw this tier list is kind of outdated xd
@teekay15: Most people tend to play double support bot lane. Though AFAIK, people just had their adc main learn support champions, just like irl whenever pro teams run double support/mage bot or support solo lanes. Your ability to play a role has more to do with your position on the map than the champions you play.

That being said, yes it does help if your player is good at the support role, but ultimately, you want your adc mains playing adc no matter what champion(s) are in the meta for that role.

Also, yes this list is very outdated.
Well thats good to know before i start making changes, im sure i will work out what is 'ass' right now if i play around a bit! Mushrooms still looks quite good though, it didnt get buffed or nerfed last patch so it seems to be in a good place according to most players?
At the time, mid lane was in a bad state because only 2-3 champions were actually viable to play (in div 1 at least). I haven't been keeping up with the patches lately but I don't think that is the case right now. Keep in mind, I made this list over half a year ago. A lot of the champions that were overpowered then are probably not nearly as good right now.

I'll make a post if I'm able to update it in the future.

Edit: Mushroom is, and will most likely always be, a good flex pick anywhere except jungle, I mostly see him picked top or adc though.